Mountain Biking

The Trails

Let’s use the tar road through Diepkloof as a starting point. The Trail runs for 5.5 km (22.5 from Infanta) along the main gravel road towards Cape Infanta, before heading into private property down to the Breede River. This is signposted and there is a bridge going into the private property. The trail runs down jeep tracks and over several bridges until the river is reached, then goes down river up a steep climb and into the Olive Leaf Olive farm. Exiting the farm, the trail goes steeply down and then up again, before meandering over several farms and then turning back up towards the main road. Here (Ziekenhuysrivier on the map- 11.8 km from Diepkloof on the main road and 16.2 from Infanta) there is a bridge on either side allowing the rider to exit the farm and cross the main road over a bridge, on the other side, and then up a jeep track to a saddle in the Potberg. The last few 100m is a steep challenge! Then, there is a specially prepared single-track down the other side onto an abandoned farm road and finally onto the main gravel road through the Potberg reserve. The rider turns W (right) and heads back to the Potberg EEC. Riders must please not turn down any of the tempting tracks towards the sea- our agreement with the Reserve officials is that we stick to the ‘main’ road. There is a bridge leaving the Potberg section and a short distance down the road towards Ouplaas/ Bredasdorp, there is a wendy house on the right. Turn right here (signpost just before the house) to head over private farmland, including Potteberg, belonging to Niel Neethling, who established the existing trail network. The trail is well marked with bridges at gates and continues around the Potberg, E towards the Breede River. It comes out at Matjieskloof onto the tar road running through Diepkloof.

This large loop can be divided into smaller sections to take on from the Malgas or Infanta side. Riders coming from Infanta can access the Potberg Reserve more directly, over Sandhoogte. The turnoff is about 7.7 km from Infanta (20.3 from Diepkloof), up a gravel road towards the nek, where there is a bridge into the reserve. One then rides down the other side (the road condition varies and can be very sandy, depending on time of year and how dry the environment is- if you want to practise your sand riding technique, this is the place!). On about 7km into the reserve (from the Infanta road), you should join up with the farm track coming down from the Ziekenhuys single track. This route then also provides the possibility of working in loops coming over the Potberg from Ziekenhuys and turning back towards Sandhoogte.

Take a look at the maps, decide on the distance you want to do and get creative! It is suggested that summer rides are planned for early morning, when it is cooler. If the wind comes up, late afternoon is also an option, but Infanta riders will be aware that the ride back home is a challenge in a South Easter! In the heat of the day, riders may encounter snakes. Please keep an eye out for that. Night riding is not permitted off the main (Infanta-Swellendam/Bredasdorp) road.

Permits for the trails can be purchased at the Breede River Trading Post or contact the Potberg office for more information. (Tel: 028 542 1114)

Trails as of December 2017
Infanta to Olive Farm loop
Infanta to Ziekenhuys, back via Sandhoogte
Infanta, Sanhoogte, Potberg loop, dirt road.