Don’t come if …


Most people love Tides and come back, but a small percentage would rather be in a swanky hotel.  Even though its a small percentage if you are not sure read this page first.

If you are someone who has phobias about flora, fauna, rich bird life and typical African bush conditions…….don’t come.

We are a bush location and whilst we do spray we can’t fumigate the surrounding bush, if you’d rather a sterile environment….don’t come.

We are 40 kms off the N2 on a dirt road. Conditions vary according to the time of year.  Whilst you don’t need a 4 x 4 you need to drive carefully  and not over 60 km/h. Most people enjoy the adventure of it all and watching the Blue Cranes, but if gravel roads are not for you…..don’t come.

Our water for washing and toilets is pumped from the river and is cola coloured, its perfectly clean and filtered. Our drinking water is filtered by the H2O system and is 100% safe. But if you aren’t comfortable with cola coloured water then Tides is probably not for you.